Billing, Inventory, Procurement - everything you need for your Retail Store

Billing, Inventory, Procurement - everything you need for your Retail Store

Solutions built for Retail

We give you everything you would need to manage and scale your Retail business – from inventory procurement to sales.

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Retail Store Grocery


Manage all SKUs at your Store on the fly


Manage all your SKU items with company-level Catalog, control prices, create variants and make combo items. You can also add barcode numbers to SKUs to faster billing and procurement.

retail-barcode Integrate with Barcode Scanners
Retail Catalog
Retail Exhausted

Get stock alerts & daily summary on your phone


You can visualize how your inventory is moving to plan ahead and make sure you don’t run out of it. Also get timely alerts on low stocks or exhausted stocks so you know when to speed up the procurement.

retail-push Subscribe to push notifications

Build your Customer directory & understand their behaviour


You can collect customer information on checkout, send them e-invoices and collect feedback – you can then use this data to create better shopping experiences for your customers.

retail-invoice Send digital reciepts via SMS
Retail Customer Directory
Retail Chain Stores

Retail Chains & Brands

Run an entire chain of stores on Storedock, with enterprise features and support. Manage catalog, share access and reporting across stores.

Retail Chains Inventory

Centralized Inventory

F&B Chains Dashboard

Dashboard across Stores

F&B Chains User

Multi-User Control

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F&B Features Reporting

Get Sales & Item-wise reporting for your Stores

F&B Features Engagement

Engage your customers with digital receipts and collect feedback

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