Manage operations and growth of your Restaurant business.

Manage operations and growth of your Restaurant business.

Solutions built for F&B

Running a F&B business has challenges of its own, we have built features and systems to help you address them. Popular F&B models are listed below.

F&B Store Fastfood


F&B Store Dining


F&B Store Kiosks


F&B Store Cafes


Manage your orders in parallel, all in one screen


At your restaurant you will have multiple orders in progress – managing them should be easy and direct. All your running orders are shown on the POS and you can actively toggle between them.

F&B Multi Orders
F&B Recipes

Configure recipes to estimate consumption in real-time


Tracking inventory at a restaurant can be difficult – you can solve this by setting up recipes for your items and let the system automatically deduct based on consumption.

Audit your Cash & Inventory at the end of the day


Keep a constant check on your cash drawer & inventory with balancing between shifts and physical audit at store closing. Also get alerted as soon as there is a difference reported.

F&B Cash Stock Audit
F&B Chain Stores

For F&B Brands

You can manage multiple stores with enterprise-level features and support. Also share access with users and franchises.

F&B Chains Menu

Multi-Store Catalog

F&B Chains Dashboard

Reports across Stores

F&B Chains User

Share User Access

Coming soon!

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F&B Features Reporting

Get Sales & Item-wise reporting for your Stores

F&B Features Engagement

Engage your customers with digital receipts and collect feedback

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