Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get all updates and features in the future?

Yes, on both standard and enterprise offering you will get all features and updates we release as long as your subscription is active. Note we may release add-ons in the future that you can opt for, in case they are paid add-ons they will be added to your existing subscription.

How can I get assistance on using Storedock?

Our support team is available on phone during business hours from 10 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Saturday. You can also chat with us via the in-app chat ability, one our support or tech team members will reply. If everything else fails, you can always drop us an email on For more information on support click here.

What will happen if the pricing changes?

Any price change if happens will be informed to you well in advance also your pricing will be locked for 3 years from subscription date. So if you start today the pricing today will remain the same for your account for 3 years.

What is the overall pricing structure?

We have a simple and direct pricing based on stores under your company and scales with the number of stores. So if you have 10 stores then your annual subscription will be 10*X where X is the rate for single store. Your subscription renews annually, you can pay online or offline. For more information on pricing click here.

What are the basic system requirements for using Storedock

Storedock is split into 3 different products, the requirements vary for each product.

1. Control Center
The control center is completely online, you only need a latest browser to access. We support Chrome 35+, IE 10 and above and Firefox 16 and above, we do prefer Google Chrome for the best experience.

2. Point-of-Sale App
The Point of Sale app is currently available for Windows machines, the system requirements for the machine are – Windows 7 or above, 2GB of RAM and decent CPU (1.5 Ghz or above and dual core)

3. Companion App
The companion app can be downloaded from Play Store on your Android phone, we support versions above Jellybean (Android 4.2+)

How secure is my data?

Your data is stored on our secure servers in enterprse-grade data centers with tightened security and anti-intruder mechanisms. Also, our entire system is 100% SSL so your data is kept encrypted and safe from prying eyes always. Click here to learn more about security at Storedock.

For further questions, click here to contact support.