You don't have to be at your Store, let it run itself.

Storedock is a Cloud-based platform for managing Retail and Restro (F&B) Stores. Our platform includes a next-gen Point-of-Sale App, Control Center to manage your stores on the cloud and a Companion App to stay updated on the go.

Pos Machine

The Point-of-Sale that does everything at the store


Do much more at your Store than just billing. Manage your cash in the drawer, update your inventory plus it updates everything to and from the Cloud in real-time.

Use in your Local language

We currently support Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati

Always syncing, runs offline

Syncs Data in real-time but works offline too

Available on windows-logo 10, 8, 7

Get a central view of your Sales & Inventory


You are at your office or out on a vacation – you will never miss out on data. Visualize your Store’s live Sales and Inventory with well-designed Dashboards available on your phone and desktop.

Home Reporting Mobile

Your eyes miss nothing. Alerts reach straight to your pocket.


Get live Sales, Cash Drawer and Inventory alerts on your phone. So you can take action right away. Also your Total Sales across stores is pinned on your notification drawer, and it updates in real-time.

Manage your Inventory from anywhere and everywhere


Storedock helps you keep a fast moving inventory. Track stock availability in real-time and create purchase orders for your vendors right from your phone – we will send them for you as well via Email, SMS.

Stocks Exhausted

Sent to Vendor

More features, more power to you

We are live at stores around you

Campus Hub
Velvet Bakers

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